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Protecting Oneself from Cyber Crimes 3 years ago

With advancements in technology, everyday people are coming across different softwares and technical advancements which are making life smooth and happy. But with every advancement comes crime, security is being questioned. Cyber crimes are on the rise, there is no secured way to protect the information because people are finding various means to conduct crimes. Most Common Cyber Crimes happening every now and then are:  Spoofing: Unlawfully accessing a computer without any authorization and sending multiple emails with the intent to deceive.  Extortion: Using the internet to threat someone for money.  Hacking: Accessing personal information by hacking the server without any authorization.  Betting: Engaging in betting on any sports or any other thing to make money through the internet.  DDoS: It is an attempt to make a machine or network service unavailable to some intended users, may be temporary or permanently. These are some out of many cyber crimes happening on a daily basis, which is making people feel scared of using the technology. Advancements in technology must be a boon for people not a curse, so to prevent all these crimes special measures are being taken by the experts. Distributed Denial of service attack is the one crime which is getting attention of most of the criminals, as it interrupts the services of the host connected to the internet. Common targets are where high profile servers are used such as banks, and gateways. Symptoms of DDoS are:  Slow network performance  Unavailability of Particular website  Dramatic increase in spam emails  Disconnection of internet connection  Long term denial of access to certain web page These are some symptoms when the server is targeted by DDoS, but of course every problem comes with a solution, so is this one. DDoS Mitigation is a technique that resists DDoS attacks on the internet by protecting the networks. This technique keeps a proper check on the cyber traffic and filters the traffic as and when required by examining the IP address, cookie variations, HTTP readers and JavaScript footprints. This technique is widely used by the experts as it is available on cloud servers as well and performs its functions automatically. For the people who believe in having a fully private and confidential server, must plan to opt for Dedicated Servers, these are specifically designed for clients who want full control over the servers. It is a type of internet hosting in which the client leases a whole server and nobody else has the access to use that server. Benefits of Controlled Servers are: High Performance Security Email Stability Control No Spam Emails Control Over Traffic So, for the ones who deal with highly confidential matters and are tired of large amount of traffic, switching to managed hosting service is the best ever option available to them, it will eventually increase the level of performance in less time and will bring more efficiency in work. So, as fast as possible contact the experts and get set to save one from crimes.

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