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Does Your Business Needs DDOS Protection? 3 years ago

Whenever we speak with respect to online threats, the only thing that comes to mind is anti-virus. But is anti-virus enough to protect your online assets especially when you own valuable enterprises such as ecommerce websites or online video gaming sites? There are several other ways of harming a web portal especially when it is doing very well. You need to strengthen your security system and upgrade up to the latest level. The routes that bring clients to your e-shop can also bring-in frauds and thieves who may try to attack your business by bringing down your site or crashing it. In common language it is known as Distributed Denial Of Services (DDOS) under which a site is flooded with incoming requests and the site gets inaccessible to those who actually need it. In short, the organic traffic is blocked and the site stops working due to extra inflow of undesired traffic. For a running business, it can be very dangerous and can affect your revenues and returns to a longer extent.

So, what is the best protection against DDOS attacks? The answer to this question will be provided by DDOS attack protection service providers. This kind of security is a must for dynamic sites which have users’ incoming all the time. The more interactive your site is with the users and higher is your dependence on incoming traffic, higher will be threat for its going down. A DDOS protection provider will analyze the size and structure of your site and will suggest you security in this respect. Before you rush to any service provider know that it is inexpensive so you need to be careful while choosing one. Hosting your site on a dedicated server might not always be a full-proof solution to this problem. You or your DDOS attack mitigation service provider must have a contingency plan in case of emergency.

Having a backup plan would ensure that whenever an attack takes place your site’s business does not gets affected and it gets back online within moments. Your audience and customers wouldn’t even know about any such disruption. Such solution can however cost you thousands of bucks while an absence of it may cost lacs and millions. The most subtle DDOS protection needs no download, maintenance, or installations. In case, the server you are hosting your website on has no contingency plan always try to keep another company as backup. The moment it comes to your realization that an attack is imminent just shift your website to another server which is updated with a defense plan. It may lead to slight interruption of services but the glitch wouldn’t be that big and you will be able to get over it within moments. For More Information Visit this : Colocation