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DDoS PROTECTION 3 years ago

In the modern era of technology and globalization, human life has become very easy. Technology has put a solution to most of our problems and enhanced the daily activities. Yet it can be very hazardous at the same time when you are being cyber attacked. Cyber attacks are very normal these days and very popular business sites and those of other organizations are being hijacked every now and then. The Denial of Service (DoS) is one such term, which means when the respective users of the website are being denied an access to it. Description: The website can be attacked in many ways, like sometimes the whole infrastructure of the server is being attack. In other times, the communication methods and the applications are being exploited. The DoS is quite unlike the rest of the cyber attacks, in which the website is being hijacked only for gaining some sensitive data or information. What happens in the DoS is that the intended users are being denied to access the respective website. The security limits of the website are being breached. And the website gets unavailable to the users. It can be used for other kind of malicious goals as well. The hacker activists can highly benefit themselves from getting successful in the DoS process; they can affect the whole user line base.

DoS vs. DDoS:

The DDoS is something even bigger than the DoS. DDoS means the Distributed Denial of Service. It involves the process on a multi level in which multi computers or multi devices across the internet are being targeted. There are multi people doing it and it has got high volume of devices being involved in the process. DoS attacks are only single sourced. On the contrary, the DDoS is a multi-handed thing in which the while infrastructure of the network is being attacked sometimes to saturate a website with high traffic volume.

The two processes also differ in the manner they are being executed. DDoS consists of a multi cluster of devices that are connected. They are malware infected, which allows an attacker to remote control them. Situations:

DDoS is executed in the following situations:

• When there is some personal rivalry between two groups and they want to settle the scores, so they allow such attacks. This is done mostly in the case of online games of multi-players, where the partners do this against each other.

• This can also be applied in case of business. When there is severe competition and the businesses online are completely shut down for a long time. The cyber attackers are sometimes hired by the businessmen for this purpose.

• They are done in case of wars between the government and public, for silencing the opposing team etc.

You can never fully protect yourself from the cyber attack, yet there are certain steps that can lessen the storm e.g. keep an eye and be conscious via social media, misguiding the traffic; not keeping the original in the front, a response team for lessening the effect. Etc.

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