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DDoS attacks- Everything you want to know to protect your E commerce site 2 years ago

If you are running an eCommerce business, it is important to consider the security of your website once again. Just adding SSL layer to protect the transactions is not enough; you must think beyond and hire an expert to add extra layer of protection. Why? Because your site is trusted and used to buy or sell products. Your site is processing real time transactions. If the site is hacked, it will destroy your market reputation.

DDos attacks are the most prominent security threats for an eCommerce business. To fight against these attacks, you need reliable and high quality DDoS Mitigation services.

Why should I worry from DDoS

DDoS or Distributed Denial-of-service is a bad and malicious attack to block a server or network and make it unavailable to the users. Most of the gamers use this technique to block other gamers and increase their winning chances. Competitors also use DDoS methods to destroy the reputation of other business.

There are many types of DDoS attacks:-

• Server Overloading- Multiple numbers of DDoS requests are sent to the server to overload and slow down the processing system. It may result in server crash.

• Network Attacks- Multiple number of DDoS requests are sent to block the main network and choke it.

How do I protect my eCommerce site from DDoS attacks

First, you must prevent these attacks before they actually happen. You must hire a network solution provider dealing in implementing affordable and effective DDoS protection solutions. They will start with analyzing your site infrastructure and identify major loop-holes in application and network area.

They will prepare a customized mitigation strategy and implement techniques to protect your site from major attacks.

The provider will point your DNS to filter traffic results through their high quality DDoS protected network. This is called as Colocation.

The provider will mitigate any possible attacks instantly and ensure there is zero downtime to prevent your business reputation.

The mitigation technology is applied real time to prevent any attacks. It is constantly improved to meet latest security standards.

All type of network and application layer protections like ARP Protection, TCP Protection, HTTP Protection, UDP/ICMP Protection, and Randomized Packet Protection are included to prevent any DDoS attack The provider will ensure to apply mitigation techniques to maintain low latency rate to maintain speed of the site along with security.

Specialized network engineers will work to support and prevent any attacks.

Based on your business requirement, you can opt for shared or dedicated servers in the mitigation network. Dedicated server is optimal for your eCommerce site, if the traffic and transactions are high. Protect your site from DDoS attacks, before it is too late. It is time to act now!