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5 Ways To Get Rid Of DDos Attacks! 2 years ago

You might have encountered a variety of DDos protection techniques which help in getting rid of those DDos attacks, isn’t it? With these techniques, your system stays protected against malicious attacks. Previously for curbing DDos attacks, there were several techniques used such as intrusions or firewalls. However, now, new techniques of DDos mitigation have been replacing the old ones! Let us tell you some of the new ones.

• Aggressive aging Earlier there were botnet attacks which didn’t require anything more than opening a valid account. The central data structures were jammed by these connections. With aggressive aging, the system can get rid of these attacks. Yes, connection tables are used in this.

• Connection limiting Connection limiting is a great tool, when it comes to prevention of attacks. When there are several connection requests at a time, the server goes down. The no. of new connections can be limited temporarily. With this, overcrowding can be prevented by the server, thereby giving relief. With this new technique, new connections are held and old ones are prioritized.

• Prevention of Dark Address Scan Dark addresses refer to those IP addresses that IANA hasn’t assigned. The outflow and inflow of these packets signify false alarms. Yes, you heard it right. But, what to do in this case? Number of addresses can be blocked and DDos attacks can be prevented. Opt for dedicated servers and you will never face such a problem.

• Stealth Attack filtering For getting rid of these unwanted attacks, finding out the source of attacks is a must. Mostly, these roots lie in the scans. For revealing IP addresses that are being used, people commonly make use of network scans. When these attackers and attacks are identified, you can easily prevent them. Yes, when proper filters are used, attacks won’t reach a high intensity.

• SYN Proxy In this kind of attack, genuine IP addresses are replicated so that SYN packets are thrown. Now, these packets are backed by the server after being received from IP addresses. Then, they are added to central data structure. Since the commands are false ones, they don’t give any response to packets. This is the reason why networks go down. Usually, SYN Proxy is mainly used in intermediate appliances. What they do is sit in front of server, due to which the responses are replicated. Then, the requests are refused until and unless a response is given with a packet. The connection requests can be screened and only responses that are legitimate go forward. Moreover, there are several other techniques too for DDos mitigation. You can opt for the best one and choose as per your need and suitability. Moreover, there are several services in the market that help in combating against DDos. You can choose a good hosting provider to manage these hassles for you. Once reliable ways are chosen, the information can be kept protected and a great up time is provided to the website.