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What Services Can you expect from a Dedicated Server Service Provider 2 years ago

As the website owners, we all need a server where all of the data of your website can be saved and gives space for the visitors to surf around easily and discover all of our services. There are several benefits of hiring a colocation and dedicated server hosting service provider to turn the profits through the online presence within a short span of time. Well, more of the results can be drawn only if you know about the variety of the services, the provider is giving to you. A few of them are the operating system, new solution for the problem, system vulnerability solutions, etc.

At most of the websites the customer leaves the feedback or their personal data with an assumption that it will be secured. But often these days the DDoS attacks on the websites have made it a very daunting task to choose the best dedicated server service provider which can not only provide the updates, but also ensure the safety of the data. Therefore, it can be said that the security solutions and scans are also preferred by most of the clients. However, the only those dedicated servers can excel, who also provides the load balancing, DDos protection with the firewall and security audits for the technical supports. Well, though these data centers may provide you the defense system for the virus and malicious attacks, for further assurance and yield the proper professional results, here are a few of the ways through which you can check out in a professional way about the DDos attacks.

The protection option- When the website is attacked and brought to the halt not only a minute but every second is counted. In such cases, the service provider needs to be attentive and have advanced planning with the knowledge that which type of protection option from the cloud based and the appliance based solution. If their system is able to detect about the deployment and make decisions about the tolerance level of the website.

Installation of backup IPs- At times there are situations when the DDoS protection doesn’t work effectively when the attacks are made by the use of 'zombies' or the 'bots' compromised systems. In such situations it is very important the service provider team have the backup of a few of the unpublished IPs which are different from the data center's normal IP range. This technique can help the to reroute the legitimate traffic of genuine customers to use the website while the other DNS change is taking place.